Your questions below are answered by the Derby Soap Opera Director Marinella Senatore.

How long will the film be?

approx 40 min. medium length movie.

What brought you to Derby?

I try to provide a platform for citizens, according with my backgrounds, personal experiences, history and share with people all of them.

What happens to the communities you’ve worked with once you’ve gone?

I can’t figure out it but remembering other communities I worked with, we keep the contact, we collaborated in other projects, I helped them in their own projects as well, sometimes spontaneously, people created groups and promoted other activities together, other times we mad a monument of their memory, we talked about identity and collective memory…for sure everybody according with their backgrounds and level of involvement desired, could share their skills, achieve new ones and think collectively.

Do you need to engage in every workshop?

No, workshops are just the first step, people not available or not able to participate will receive a lot of inputs and chances more.

Are you going to film in other locations outside of QUAD?

Probably, but the main set will be the Quad Gallery space, anyway it will depend on the story people will create.

Are the any stories/themes that you want to stay away from?

It never happened I just invite people to don’t hurt or offend anybody, but as I said, it never happened and I worked a lot in a lot of different places.

How is this funded?

It is a QUAD project therefore a combination of Art Council England, Derby City Council and other sources. QUAD is a charity and specialises in mass participatory art projects.

Is it important that the film has a narrative?

Narrative is an excuse to generate the entire process, so yes.

How do you feel about using animation?

Every option is open!

What classes anyone as a semi-professional actor?

People with any kind of previous experience.

Could there be more than one end product, aside from a film?

Always we produce a lot of material: drawings, sketch, texts , photos….even if now the focus is on the movie, I don’t exclude to have different displays in the future just telling what we did together with citizens.

What happens once you’ve shown the film? Where can we see it?

In july we will show the first part and then, in Sept during Derby Feste the complete piece.

What’s the level of commitment required?

It depends on people and the time they want to dedicate to the project: we are bale to make a program with each participant according with his/her availability, for sure even just few hours could mean a lot for the entire process.

Will you be directing the film?

Yes, but hopefully with others as well.

Are you looking for stories or themes that are linked to Derby?

I’m quite sure it will happen spontaneously, but I don’t have any previous idea.

How will you reach out to all communities in Derby?

Including small groups and ethnic groupsI would like. Everyone is welcome.

Can children and young people be involved?


Can companies get involved? Donate? Give time? In kind?

More than money, which I’m not obsessed with, I would like to invite companies to provide their services or their time instead of donations..in other project, local restaurants provided catering for free, taxis and other craft people did the same…according with their backgrounds, what they can and based on their skills, this is another way to get involved and an amazing one in my opinion!

What time of day will the Filming take place?


Do you have to be from Derby to participate?