Derby Soap Opera will be written, filmed and performed by the people of Derby, led by renowned film director Marinella Senatore.

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Your issues, your lives, your opinions, and your thoughts will become the script; you and your skills will provide the set; Marinella Senatore will be the director and QUAD will be your support.


Soundtrack Derby for Derby Soap Opera

We are currently taking submissions and contributions for our soundtrack, to upload your music or sound recording please use QUADs Soundtrack Derby platform by visiting:

Please tag your music with the “Derby Soap Opera” so that we can collate and compose our new track.


Vimeo Logo

You can tag any existing videos you own the rights to on Vimeo for inclusion in the project website. Please only tag videos that you feel link to the Derby Soap Opera project: such as your own videos that are about Derby.

Tag any videos you may like to include with ““derbysoapopera”” and they will be included on the page for tagged videos which you’ll find here.


Record a film about you and Derby

Click any of the 5 questions below to record a video in response to the chosen question. You can also record a video in response to a video already submitted. You also have the opportunity add your comments, your stories, your thoughts and ideas online.

We’re looking for responses and contributions to the following 5 questions. Please click a question below to continue.

What is your favourite place in Derby and why?

Tell us a Derby myth or legend

What makes you happy?

Tell us the most exciting thing that has ever happened to you

What did you want to be when you grew up?

You can also visit our video booth in Westfield at the end of March and early May, and at QUAD from mid March to early July to record your responses.

We will also be out and about – watch out for the Derby Soap Opera at Derby Rugby Club, Cricket Club and Derby County Football Ground, and other places around Derby.