The Story Continues

On Saturday the 19th of May – from 8am to 11pm – the main filmed scenes for the Derby Soap Opera were shot in QUAD’s main gallery space. The day was a huge success – with powerfully acted scenes by a number of Derby based actors, actors who were drawn from hundreds of people who attended casting sessions in March and May. Also in attendance were make-up artists from the Derby College Make-up for Media course, as well as about 30 other local people who formed the film and sound crew, runners, grips, script writers and co-directors. The day was led by Marinella Senatore, with her long-term assistants Ramon Alos Sanchez and Javier Lopez.

More filming is to come in late June and early July in locations across Derby; these will be dancing and musical scenes – and if you want to get involved in the dance numbers – go to our events and workshops page for more information!

Posted on: 2012-05-22 at 9:49 am

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